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"Goodbye Thomas, you must be tired, sorry I can't stop, we buses have to work you know."
— Bertie to Thomas, Thomas and Bertie, first season



Single-Decker Buses
  • Class: AEC Regal T Class London Country Area bus
  • Builder: Associated Equipment Company
  • Built: between 1929 and 1948
  • Drivetrain: 4WD
  • Top Speed: 60 mph



Double-Decker Buses
  • Class: AEC Bridgemaster double-decker buses
  • Builder: Associated Equipment Company
  • Built: between 1957 and 1962
  • Drivetrain: 4WD
  • Top Speed: 60 mph

Besides Bertie and Algy, Sodor Roadways also owns a few other buses that were seen around the Island of Sodor, used to carry and transport passengers. These buses are almost identical to Bertie, except they are faceless.

In the Railway Series, various other buses have appeared in multiple colours such as green, red, and blue.

There are also some double-decker buses that work around the Island as well. In Henry the Green Engine, a blue double-decker bus with a sign advertising the book Troublesome Engines can be seen in the background. Bulgy is the only known sentient double-decker bus to have worked on the Island, although in the magazines, two double-decker buses were introduced; the Special Bus Service and the Open-Topped Double-Decker Bus.

In the magazines, a green bus resembling a faceless Bertie, used for hospital services, appears in the story Important Passengers!. In the annual story, Bertie the Snow Bus a faceless blue bus resembling Algy appears with the headcode "401".


The buses are based on the AEC Regal T Class London Country Area buses, very much like Bertie.

The Double-Decker Buses are based on AEC Bridgemaster buses, very much like Bulgy.


In the Railway Series, annual stories and magazine stories buses are painted in various colours such as blue, green and yellow. In the television series, buses are painted in the famous red bus livery used by London Transport, with silver hubcaps, like Bertie.


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