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"Arthur, it's, eh, 'foodless' for me to say more, but Thomas, you must help clean up this mess!"
— Sir Topham Hatt

The Spotless Record, later shortened to Spotless Record, is the ninth episode of the seventh season.


A new tank engine named Arthur arrives. The Fat Controller explains that he is to shunt trucks and pull freight, and that he was chosen for he has a spotless record. Percy is confused, so Thomas explains that it means Arthur has never been naughty and he has never had an accident.

Later, Thomas and Percy are bumping trucks around. They knew this was naughty but they are having fun. Thomas tells Arthur to join in, but he declines. Arthur's first job is to take a train of fruit to market. The trucks sing at him which he thinks is very rude. This gives Thomas an idea. He tells Arthur that the Fat Controller doesn't like the trucks singing, and that he should tell them to stop. Arthur is convinced that he can keep the trucks in order and sets off while Thomas chuckles at his little joke.

Arthur is out on the main line when the trucks start singing again. Arthur crossly tells them to stop, so the trucks decide that if they can't sing, they will teach Arthur a lesson instead. When they come to the top of Gordon's hill, the trucks use their weight to pull Arthur down at high speed. But up ahead Duck has stopped at a level crossing. Arthur tries to stop, but it is too late and he crashes into the back of Duck's train. Squashed fruit flies in all directions. Arthur is very upset. His spotless record has been ruined.

Thomas arrives with the Fat Controller. Arthur tells him how he told the trucks to stop singing, but they pulled him down the hill. Thomas feels ashamed and tells the Fat Controller how it is his fault since he told Arthur to stand up to the trucks. The Fat Controller orders Thomas to help clean up the mess. Harvey arrives with the breakdown train and everyone works hard to clean up the mess.

That evening, Arthur is being cleaned when Thomas arrives. Thomas apologises for tricking him, and Arthur is grateful that Thomas owned up. The two engines decide that spotless records can be broken, but then mended again, just like friendship.




  • If Arthur had been pulling the train or had a brakevan, the accident probably wouldn't have happened.
  • In a rare picture of Thomas and Arthur at Tidmouth Sheds, James is not on the turntable.
  • The Danish title of this episode is A Spotless Reputation.


  • In Michael Brandon's narration, when he reads the title, he only says Spotless Record.
  • When Thomas explains what a spotless record is, James is hurrying past in the background, but soon after, he and his train disappear.
  • When the shot fades to Thomas and Percy whizzing past Arthur, smoke is venting up from beneath the tracks before Thomas runs on them.
  • The trucks keep changing places during Arthur's journey.
  • When Arthur passes the windmill, the first van is missing his face.
  • If the laws of physics were observed correctly, then Arthur's velocity and weight should have caused the brakevan to crumple accordion-style, push Duck through the gates, and the driver and signalman should have been knocked over when the fruit hit them.
  • Arthur's first few wheels are lifted up during the collision, but in later shots they are back on the tracks.
  • When the fruit hits the signalman, his head jolts up.
  • When Thomas pushes some of the trucks, his wheels stop spinning and skid briefly.
  • Duck should have had the right of way at the grade crossing.
  • A brakevan should have been added to Arthur's train.
  • When Harvey arrives, Duck is nowhere to be seen.
  • The narrator states that Arthur is a new engine, but he was already seen at the quarry in Bill, Ben and Fergus.
  • Nothing is said about Duck or the guard after the crash.
  • In Michael Angelis' US narration, the term truck is used at one point. The same thing occurs throughout Michael Brandon's narration.
  • When Arthur enters Maron, the end of the set can be seen at the top right.
  • In a close-up of Arthur, the track behind him leads to bushes.
  • At the docks, Percy pushes trucks past Thomas on the tracks right next to him. A few seconds later, Salty pushes trucks past Thomas on the same track, but in the other direction.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アーサーのきろく Arthur's Record
Danish Et uplettet rygte A Spotless Reputation
Welsh Llechan Lân Clean Slate
Italian La Locomotiva Senza Macchia The Clean State Engine
Hungarian A makulátlan múlt The Spotless Past
Chinese 完美纪录 Perfect Record
Korean 무사고 기록 Accident-Free Record
Romanian Un Record Impecabil An Impeccable Record
Slovak Čistý štít Clean Slate
Russian Незапятнанная репутация Reputable
Polish Nieposzlakowana Opinia Impeccable Opinion
Swedish Den fläckfria meritlistan The Spotless Record
Thai อาเธอร์สกปรกจนได้ Arthur Was So Dirty

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