2008 Cover

Thomas' Songs & Roundhouse Rhythms is a US cassette/CD release, first released by Rhino in 2001 then later in 2008 on CD by Koch Records. It was originally called All Aboard with Thomas! was released by Rhino in 2001, and came with a book and a wind-up toy.

It features nine songs from the television series. The Thomas Theme Tune from seasons 1 to 7 is also at the start and the end of the CD.


  • Thomas Theme
  • Thomas' Anthem
  • It's Great to be an Engine
  • He's a Really Useful Engine
  • Toby
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Harold the Helicopter
  • Donald's Duck
  • Let's Have a Race
  • Gone Fishing
  • Accidents will Happen
  • Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
  • Thomas Theme


  • The beginning of the songs, It's Great to be an Engine and Harold the Helicopter, are cut out, as they were recorded from the 1998 audio story, Surprise Adventures, where Michael Angelis spoke over those parts.

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