Thomas's Christmas Party was first published in 1984. It was written by the Reverend W. Awdry and illustrated by Clive Spong.


After getting better in Bournemouth, Mrs. Kyndley returns to the Island of Sodor, much to the delight of Thomas and Toby. They decide to have a special Christmas party for Mr. and Mrs. Kyndley as a reward for warning Thomas about the landslide, but they know that Ffarquhar Shed is much too small. However, they decide that Tidmouth Sheds will be the ideal location and the Fat Controller agrees, though he decides that the special Christmas party will be on Boxing Day. On Christmas morning, the Fat Controller tells Thomas and Toby about the bad weather has made Mr. and Mrs. Kyndley stuck at their home. So, on Boxing Day, wearing snowploughs with a van in between them, Thomas and Toby set off to the rescue. After a very long time to clear away the snow with the assistance from Terence, Thomas and Toby take Mr. and Mrs. Kyndley to Tidmouth aboard Henrietta. The Christmas party is a great success and Mr. and Mrs. Kyndley stay with the Fat Controller and Lady Hatt in Wellsworth until the snow melts.