— Thomas
Thomas and the Dinosaur

Christopher Awdry

Illustrated by

Paul Nichols
Tom LaPadula


1997, 2000-2001,
6 January 2015

Thomas and the Dinosaur is a book. It was re-released in 2015 with new illustrations.


Percy is chuffing back to the sheds when he suddenly sees a dragon-like creature. Startled by this, he tells Thomas all about it. Later, Thomas sees the same thing, but is eventually corrected by his driver that the "dragon" is really a dinosaur model. The Fat Controller orders Thomas to take the model to the new dinosaur park.



  • The plot is similar to the mini book of the same name.
  • The book was released as a bonus read-along feature on the Best of Thomas DVD, narrated by Robin Smith.
  • All instances of "Dragon" are replaced by "Monster" in the 2015 version.


  • The rails do not have spikes.
  • Harold's name is not painted on his side.
  • In one illustration of the 2015 version, Percy's lamp irons are missing.

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