It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to run this wiki. We are lucky to have the best staff team a wiki could ask for to run our wikia. With the admins making sure every page is in tip-top shape and chat moderators making sure all of our wonderful members are getting along, there is always something new. Here you can get to know who is in charge and a bit about them.

User Position(s)
NWRTales1221 Bureaucrat
SilverWing17 Bureaucrat
ProctorNaturalRetirement Bureaucrat
Spencer.Johnson Counter-Vandalism Unit
MacDonald53EraBaron Adminmentor
King Zedekiah Junior Administrator
ThomasSirHandel Rollback
TrackMaster'sbiggestcollector Rollback

Active Staff Members

400px-24012624.png.jpg NWRTales1221
NWRTales1221 is the Webmaster of the wiki. He lives at the United Kingdom near the Great Western Railway. This means his most favourite character is Duck. Tales knows how to hold his own temper and tends to stand for no nonsense from any people that might get ideas above their station and try to order him or others about. He likes things to run like clockwork, without fuss, and is a very efficient, loyal person. He takes tremendous pride in the responsibilities bestowed upon him, particularly in his role of running the wiki and extremely honored by his position as admin and acts seriously. It’s always splendid to talk with him, anytime and anywhere. He is an educated man, who was crowned as the second king of the wiki. He always make sure everything is complete, and has the right information.
130px-8540520.png.jpg SilverWing17
SilverWing17 is an educated man from Glasgow United Kingdom, a soothsayer to the late NWRTales1221 who manages the wiki in the absence of him. He is undoubtedly wise, wiser than any of our leaders combined. Not only in science but on power, life and religious subjects. He is one of the key members to the wiki's fate. He decides what will be destroyed and kept on the wiki. With him on our side, we don't need to worry about spam building up as he will make sure he is gone within the day. He is also very loyal and holy, declared blessed by some of his friends too. What an MVP!
125px-21578111.png.jpg ProctorNaturalRetirement
ProctorNaturalRetirement is one of the wisest active members of TTTE&F Wikia. Although he did not create the wiki, he changed an empty website to a knowledgable database on things on the wiki topic. He is known as our joyful and triumphant judge, and has been with the wiki as we expand. He serves as the Councilor of the wiki and adviser to the late NWRTales1221.
130px-16709406.png.jpg MacDonald53EraBaron
MacDonald53EraBaron is one of the most important users here when it comes to content. Sometimes, messages can be private or public. Messages are important like an email, he always says. Here at TTTE&F wiki we are quite confused if our messages must be private or not. Even Tales could not figure if he should delete this message or not. MacDonald53EraBaron has taken the time to look at every message and help see if it should be deleted or not. He is a Russian (Soviet too by birth) and likes to be called Cedric as his personal name, (its Seh-dric no See-dric). He is also the judge of troublesome users. He gives the sentence of each user and his punishment. In real life he is a "Podpolkovnik" (Lieutenant Colonel). Hold onto your hat, because Donald likes to shout!
100px-13526500.png.jpg Spencer.Johnson
Spencer.Johnson is a follower of NWRTales1221. Because of him we don't have to worry about anonymous spammers vandalizing the wiki. When a new page is made, Spencer will make sure the page is locked within a day. He is a CVU, who works like the secretary of the president. He loves racing and reading the Bible, Gospels and Writing Stories, Parables and Episodes. John is also the leader of the Senior Administrator Chamber despite the fact his level is superior to them.
100px-4322470.png.jpg King Zedekiah
NWRTales1221 made Finn Tracy a junior administrator on the wiki and changed his name to King Zedekiah after the last king of Judah. Zedekiah was 16 years old when he became Chancellor of the council and he governed the wiki up to this day. Following the example of the other admins did what was pleasing Tales. But the pages of several articles were not fully completed and they remained that way. Everything else that Zedekiah did is recorded in The History of the Lone Wolf of the North.

Inactive Staff Members

130px-4532001.png.jpg ThomasSirHandel
Of our oldest admins, ThomasSirHandel was the most active. Despite the spam, he went through the Wikia page by page and made the site worth fighting for. Without his brave efforts, the Wikia would be little more than a haven for spammers and other ne'er-do-wells bent on causing mischief. ThomasSirHandel wanted to have his own Classic Series wiki that is why he created this wiki. His last edit was kown on June 2013. Without a leader to organize and control things, the Wikia haltd. But it wasn't that way for long. It was during one of these periods that NWRTales1221 arrived and requested adminship. Then SiverWing17 came and more and more. It is unknown if he would come back again.
80px-4045567.png.jpg TrackMaster'sbiggestcollector
TrackMaster'sbiggestcollector is a collector of almost anything from TrackMaster Thomas and Friends. By ThomasSirHandel's request, he was made an admin. He is a big fan of TrackMaster and tries to collect lots of them. He is no longer active.

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