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"The Windmill is broken!"
"This means the end of my business!
— Toby and Dusty Dave
Toby's Windmill/
Toby and the Windmill

David Mitton


Phil Fehrle


David Mitton
(story idea)
Jan Page
(story idea
and teleplay)


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

17th October 2003 (UK)
20th February 2004 (CAN)
30th March 2004 (KOR)
25th October 2004 (AUS)
21st October 2005 (UK; Redubbed Music)
23rd October 2005 (US)
18th September 2009 (HUN)

Previous episode

The Spotless

Next episode

Bad Day at
Castle Loch

Toby's Windmill, retitled Toby and the Windmill in American releases, is the tenth episode of the seventh season.


Toby's favorite place on the Island is the old windmill that belongs to his friend, the miller. One day however, Toby is on his way to collect some flour, but gets so distracted by the sight of the sails going round, he accidentally damages the flour sacks in the trucks. This makes the miller very upset ,as this might put him out of a job.

Toby goes home to his shed sad about the trouble he had caused. That night, a fierce storm sweeps across Sodor and the windmill gets struck by lightning, setting is ablaze! The following morning, Toby carefully puffs along seeing the damage the storm caused - including the old windmill. The miller is now out of a job, as he can't afford any timber. Wishing to make up for his carelessness, Toby tries his best to help.

Luckily, Toby discovers a fallen tree which Harvey and Terence are trying to clear away from the tracks. Toby tells the Fat Controller that the fallen tree will provide the timber required to mend the miller's windmill. The Fat Controller and the miller agree to Toby's idea and, several days later, the old windmill is restored to full working order. The miller is very grateful and now calls the windmill "Toby's Windmill".





  • Because stock footage is used, Peter Sam has his old funnel again.
  • In real life, it would have taken more than one day to repair the windmill.
  • A brakevan should have been added to Toby's train.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トビーのふうしゃ Toby's Windmill
Danish Tobys Mølle Toby's Mill
Welsh Melin Wynt Tobi Toby's Windmill
Swedish Tobys väderkvarn Toby's Windmill
Italian Il Mulino a Vento di Toby Toby's Windmill
Hungarian Toby szélmalma Toby's Windmill
Romanian Moara lui Toby Toby's Mill
Chinese 托比的风车 Toby's Windmill
Korean 토비의 풍차 Toby's Windmill
Slovak Tobyho mlyn Toby's Mill
Russian Мельница Тоби Toby's Mill
Polish Tobikowy Młyn Toby's Mill
Thai โรงไม้โทบี้ The Agmot Lobby

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