Toby is a song from the fourth season dedicated to Toby and Henrietta and how they came to Sodor. It's based on Toby's theme. In the US, It was first introduced in the Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales episode, Wildlife in 1996.


North of the Island, there lives a dear old train,
A little tram engine, Toby is his name.
He's quaint and old fashioned, but careful and wise.
His coach is Henrietta and she’s seen better days.
His mind keeps returning to the good old days
When they were busy working everyday.
But nobody rides with them nowadays.
They can't understand why things have changed.
Their line is closing down today, forever.
Toby, oh Toby,
What will become of you?
The world's much nicer whenever we see you.
Toby, dear Toby,
There's still lots that you can do
Oldies but Goldies, we still care about you.
All of the children came to say goodbye
They clapped and cheered as Toby rang his bell, “Bye bye.”
Everyone was sad to see them go
Whatever will they do, and where will they go?
Suddenly news came to brighten up their day
How Toby and Henrietta were needed right away
The Fat Controller had written to say
Could they please come and help right away.
Now they're part of his family, forever.
Toby, oh Toby,
Show them what you can do
The world's much nicer whenever we see you.
Toby, dear Toby,
There's so much to learn from you.
Oldies but Goldies, we still care about you.
Oldies but Goldies, we still care for you.



Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Toby and the Stout Gentleman:
    • A deleted scene of Toby puffing past the Windmill while pulling Henrietta and some trucks.
    • A close-up of an upset looking Toby in his shed.
    • A shot of Toby at the farewell party shows him coming up to a set of points before reversing back to Henrietta at the station.
  • Thomas' Christmas Party:
    • A deleted scene of a shooting star flying over Tidmouth Sheds.
  • Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure:
    • Extended shots of Toby rolling by the villagers and arriving to meet Thomas.
    • A deleted shot of the engines at Tidmouth Sheds shows a deleted shot of Gordon next to Duck, both smiling.
    • A deleted shot at the sheds shows a semi-distant shot of Duck, Thomas, the Christmas tree, Percy, and Edward.
  • Toby's Tightrope - A deleted scene of Toby arriving at Tidmouth Hault to greet Mavis.
  • Bull's Eyes - A deleted shot shows Toby puffing along some track past some trees and houses before arriving to talk to Daisy at her shed.


  • The Norwegian version has a slightly different musical arrangement and a "The End" card.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トビーのうた Toby's Song
Norwegian Toby Toby
Spanish Toby Toby
Portuguese Toby Toby


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