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Trevor is a traction engine that resides at the Wellsworth Vicarage Orchard.

Bio in the Railway Series

Trevor used to work on farms doing odd jobs like threshing corn and sawing timber, but his owner thought he was old-fashioned and sent him to the scrapyard. Edward luckily befriended him and convinced Rev. Charles Laxey to purchase him. Trevor now lives in the Wellsworth vicarage orchard, but is often borrowed by his driver Jem Cole to do odds jobs and to appear at various events such as steam fairs.

Bio in the television series

Edward and Trevor helped the vicar organize a garden party to raise money for a seaside trip for underprivileged children.


Trevor is very friendly and gets along well with the engines. He is also helpful and ready to give anybody advice. Trevor loves children in particular, especially giving them rides in his cart.


Trevor is based on a William Foster and Co. eight-ton traction engine built in the 1920s that was owned by the Reverend W. Awdry's friend the Reverend Teddy Boston.


In Edward the Blue Engine Trevor was painted black with gold boiler bands and chimney cap. In Thomas and the Twins he was painted green with bright yellow boiler bands.

Throughout the television series, Trevor is consistently painted dark green with red wheels and lining, a black smokebox and gold boiler bands.



Magazine Stories

Annual Stories

Voice Actors

  • Toshio Kobayashi (Japan; second - sixth seasons)


  • Trevor's television series model did not have moving eyes until the third season.
  • Trevor went through several aesthetic changes in the television series:
    • Season 2:
      • His whistle was a higher pitched version of Duck's.
    • Season 3:
      • His eyes became moveable and radio-controlled like the engines', rather than being moulded as part of the face as in the previous season.
      • The bronze circle in front of his cylinder was painted silver.
      • His smokebox was widened slightly to accommodate a larger face as well as his eye mechanism.
    • Season 6:
      • The silver circle on his cylinder was painted black.
      • Part of his smokebox changed from green to black.


"I'm Trevor, they're going to break me up next week."
"What a shame!"
said Edward.
"My driver says I only need some paint, Brasso and oil to be as good as new,"
Trevor went on sadly. "But it's no good. My master doesn't want me. I suppose its because I'm old fashioned."
Edward snorted indignantly. "People say I'm old fashioned. But I don't care. The Fat Controller says I'm a really useful engine."
"My driver says I'm useful too,"
replied Trevor. "I sometimes feel ill, but I don't give up like these tractors. I struggle on and finish the job. I've never broken down in my life!" he ended proudly.'"
— Trevor introduces himself to Edward, Saved From Scrap, Edward the Blue Engine