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"Did you shunt those trucks onto the other line?"
"You said you wanted them on the other line!"
that other line! The other other line!"
— Donald and Duck
"Did you shunt those trucks onto the other line?"
"You said you wanted them on the other line!"
that other line! The other, other line!"
— Donald and Duck

Twin Trouble is the tenth episode of the sixth season.


Donald and Douglas are Scottish twins. They are practical, peppery, and proud and are mostly seen working together.

One day, Donald and Douglas are chuffing down the line with a goods train. Trevor struggles with a cart of hay, which gets stuck on a crossing after one of the wheels of the cart falls off. Donald sees the cart, but they can't stop, and Donald hits the cart. No one is hurt, but Donald blames Douglas. The twins refuse to speak to each other, and when The Fat Controller needs an engine to help Duck at the shunting yards, Donald jumps at the opportunity.

At first, Donald enjoys working with Duck, but eventually, things start to go wrong, as Duck doesn't understand Donald and Douglas' way of working. Meanwhile, Douglas is doing work on his own, and is beginning to miss Donald. That night, Douglas' driver takes him to visit Donald. Donald snootily asks if he came to say he's sorry, which brings Douglas' bad mood back.

The next day, Donald is also in a bad mood and was not looking where he is going while reversing, and despite a warning from Duck, breaks through some buffers and into a ditch. His driver is cross and claims that this wouldn't have happened if he was working with Douglas. Donald admits defeat and Duck, knowing that he's unable to pull Donald back on the rails, hurries to get help from Douglas. Soon, Douglas pulls Donald back on the rails, but when Donald tries to make up for their trouble, Douglas rudely backs off, claiming he's sorry. Then Donald talks back, claiming he's actually sorry. Duck chuckles and tells them to not have a row on who is to blame for their troubles and to just be happy they are back together. The twins properly make up in the end and, as Duck predicted, are glad to be together again.




  • The plot has some similarities to the third season episode, One Good Turn.
  • In the UK narrration, Duck says "You don't have to have a row about who's sorry!" but in the US narration he says "Don't argue about who's sorry!"
  • In Denmark the episode is named "The Twins".
  • Scrap models of Thomas, Gordon, Toad, City of Truro and Donald or Douglas are seen.
  • This episode might have been filmed around the same time as Middle Engine as 'Arry or Bert can be seen in the background at the Smelter's Yard at one point.


  • When Trevor cries "Oh no!" the studio is reflected in his paintwork.
  • In the close-up of Donald and Douglas' wheels sliding across the rails, a wire is hanging beneath Donald's cab. Later, when Douglas shunts just before Duck arrives, wire is hanging underneath him.
  • In the shot from Donald approaching the cart, a third rail is visible to his left.
  • When the cart is hit it is pushed aside and the hay is spilled, but in the next shot the hay is falling from the sky.
  • Fergus appears briefly but isn't introduced until Bill Ben and Fergus
  • Douglas' tender and the wellwagon behind him slightly bounces up after the collision. The latter derails too, so Douglas would not be able to puff up beside Donald.
  • In the close-ups of Donald in the bushes, a small support props him up.
  • A ball of fishing line is visible next to the track leading into the ditch just before Donald has his accident.
  • A small bramble of weeds catches in Donald's wheels as he is pulled out of the ditch.
  • In one shot, Donald is pulled out with his wheels off the track, but in the next shot of him, his wheels are on the track.
  • Just before Donald falls into the ditch, tracks can be seen behind the buffers.
  • The narrator says that Donald was not hurt, but when he is pulled back on the line his tender is badly scratched and dented.
  • Donald and Douglas act as though they have never worked apart and cannot work separated, but they have worked apart several times previously.
  • In the American narration Alec Baldwin does not even attempt a Scottish accent for the twins' voices.
  • There are normally two tracks in Knapford's goods shed, but in this episode, there is only one. It is also not normally open on both ends.
  • A brakevan should have been added to Donald and Duck's train.
  • When Donald says "I have work to do", Douglas' eyes are wonky.


  • [after Donald and Douglas crash into a cartload of hay]
  • Donald: Stop being pushy!
  • Douglas: Don't call me "pushy"!
  • Donald: You shouldn't have pushed me into the cart!
  • Douglas: You pulled me, you mean!
  • Donald: Didn't!
  • Douglas: Did!
  • Donald: Did not!
  • Douglas: Did too!


  • Donald: May I go, Sir?
  • The Fat Controller: I only need one engine. Not 2.
  • Donald: I am only one engine, Sir. And I would like to work with Duck.
  • Narrator: The Fat Controller was surprised, but agreed.
  • Thomas: Won't you miss one another? I know I'd miss Annie and Clarabel.
  • Douglas: I'll work better on my own!
  • Donald: I have work to do.


  • Donald: Did you shunt those trucks onto the other line?
  • Duck: You said you wanted them on the other line!
  • Donald: Not that other line! The other, other line! Douglas would've known what I meant.


  • [after Donald is pulled back onto the tracks]
  • Donald: Thank you, and ... I'm sorry.
  • Douglas: No! I'm sorry!
  • Donald: I'm sorry!
  • Duck: You don't have to have a row about who's sorry! (US: Don't argue about who's sorry!) Just be glad you're back together.
  • Narrator: And they were.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Problemas De Gemelos Twin Problems
Japanese ふたごのけんか Quarrel of Twins
Norwegian Tvillingtrøbbel Twin Trouble
Danish Tvillingerne The Twins
Welsh Dwbl Trwbl Double Trouble
Italian Due Gemelle Litigarelle Arguing Twins
Hungarian Ikerviszály Twin Strife
Slovenian Težave dvojčkov Problems twins
Czech Velké potíže Big Trouble
Russian Двойная проблема Double Trouble
Romanian Probleme Gemene Twin Problems
Chinese 麻烦的双胞胎 The Troublesome Twins
Korean 화가 난 쌍둥이 Angry Twins
Slovak Dvojité problémy Double Problems
Polish Podwójne Kłopoty Double Trouble
Swedish Tvillingtrubbel Twin Trouble
Dutch Problemen Komen met z'n Tweeën Problems Come in Twos
Thai หัวรถจักรคู่แฝดหายโกรธกันแล้ว Engine Twins Thaw It
French Problèmes de Jumeaux Twin Problems

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