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Wooden Railway Logo (2000-2007)

Wooden Railway is a wooden model railway system created by Learning Curve in 1992. They held the rights until 2011.

Product History, Design and Make

Learning Curve introduced some new designs for the track surface of wooden toy railways, such as the "clickety-clack" rails patented in 1995 and the newer tracks with a relief to supply better traction grip for battery powered engines, patented in 2002. They also introduced a road "track" on the flip-side of the railway tracks.

The original models were constructed mainly from painted wood with metal used in the coupling magnets and axles and plastic for the wheels and faces. These models were relatively simple, with simple wooden stubs for the funnel and dome and details such as windows, whistles, and bufferbeams omitted.

In the late 1990s and early 2000's, the models were upgraded. The wooden funnel and smokebox were replaced with a separate plastic smokebox with a more realistic funnel. The tender engines received an additional upgrade of molded plastic coal.

These improved designs were manufactured until 2002, when they were replaced with a third generation of design, which included new and more detailed faces.


Rolling stock

  • Annie and Clarabel (2004 two-pack reintroduction)
  • Henrietta (2010 limited time reintroduction; discontinued)
  • Chicken trucks (discontinued)
  • Toad (2006 limited-time reintroduction; discontinued)
  • Scruffey (2006 limited-time reintroduction; discontinued)
  • Old Slow Coach (discontinued)
  • Musical caboose
  • Sodor line caboose (discontinued)
  • Henry's log car (discontinued)
  • Knapford Express Coach (discontinued)
  • Tidmouth Milk Tanker (discontinued)
  • Tar tanker and Fuel tanker (discontinued)
  • The Breakdown Train (discontinued)
  • The Chinese Dragon (2006 limited-time reintroduction; discontinued)
  • Ada, Jane and Mabel (discontinued)
  • Mail coach (discontinued)
  • Sodor China Clay Cars (discontinued)
  • Express Coaches (discontinued)
  • Catherine (discontinued)
  • Sawmill Logcar (discontinued)
  • Cargo Car (discontinued)
  • Rickety (discontinued)
  • Fred Pelhay (discontinued)
  • Ice delivery trucks (discontinued)
  • Giggling trucks
  • Boxcars (discontinued)
  • Handcar (2010 reintroduction; discontinued)
  • Aquarium cars (discontinued)
  • Recycling cars (discontinued)
  • Gold prospector's trucks (discontinued)
  • Water Works trucks (discontinued)
  • Fog trucks (discontinued)
  • Sodor Weather Tracker (discontinued)
  • Zoo cars (discontinued)
  • Halloween caboose (discontinued)
  • Light-Up Aquarium Cars
  • Crawling Critters Cargo 
  • Troublesome Trucks and Sweets 
  • Oil and Coal Cargo Cars
  • White Face Troublesome Truck (1992 only in sets)
  • Grey Troublesome Truck (discontinued)

Multi-car packs

  • Circus train
  • Thomas five-car value pack (Thomas with tired face, truck, barrel car, milk wagon and caboose) (discontinued)
  • Sodor gift pack (Oliver, Toby, Fred Pelhay, Bertie and Henrietta) (discontinued)
  • Adventures of Percy (Coaldust Percy, Jack Frost Percy, and Chocolate-covered Percy) (discontinued)
  • Adventures of Thomas (Winter Wonderland Thomas,  and Breakfast Thomas)
  • Happy Birthday Thomas and box car (discontinued)
  • Sodor Collector's pack (gold Thomas, silver Percy and bronze Diesel) (discontinued)
  • Magic Railroad pack (Thomas, Lady, Diesel 10, Dodge and Splatter) (discontinued)
  • Thomas Winter Wonderland pack (discontinued)
  • Culdee with box car (discontinued)
  • Rheneas with scrap truck (discontinued)
  • Neil with china clay truck (discontinued)
  • Stepney with museum trucks (discontinued)
  • Bertram with scrap trucks (discontinued)
  • Rusty with construction trucks (discontinued)
  • Rheneas with rock crusher and quarry trucks (discontinued)
  • The Ballast Spreader (discontinued)
  • Ivo Hugh with zoo trucks (discontinued)
  • Culdee with apple orchard trucks (discontinued)
  • Lorry 3, Tiger Moth and Boco (discontinued)
  • 5 pack (Thomas, Oliver, Diesel, Bill and Duncan) (discontinued)
  • Wooden Railway gift pack (Rheneas and rock crusher car, Rusty and cement tanker car, two signs, two trees and wooden box) (discontinued)
  • Narrow Gauge gift pack (Skarloey, Rheneas, Rusty, Duncan) (discontinued)
  • Sodor Construction Company (Jack, Alfie and cement tanker car)
  • Toby and Flora set (Toby, Flora and her coach)
  • Roadway vehicles gift pack (Bertie, Trevor, Terence and Sodor power crew)
  • Diesels value pack (Diesel, Salty, Rusty, Arry and Bert)
  • Soap sud covered Percy and engine wash car
  • Road and Rails Rescue pack (Percy, Harvey, Butch and Isobella)
  • Percy and the Storybook Car
  • Trick-or-Treat on Sodor (Halloween Thomas and Caboose)
  • Salty and the Shipping Cars (discontinued)
  • 65th Anniversary Pack (Decorated versions of Thomas, Percy, Toby and James, an exclusive caboose and wooden box) (discontinued)
  • Mavis and Fuel Tanker
  • Thomas and Musical Candy Cane car
  • Holiday Percy and the Present Car
  • Birthday Thomas and the Musical Caboose
  • Thomas and the Easter Egg Car
  • Fergus and the Power Cars
  • Quarry Pack (Mavis, Bill, Ben and quarry car)
  • Scruff and the Garbage Can car
  • Narrow Gauge Engines (Rheneas, Peter Sam and Rusty)
  • Muddy Thomas and George
  • Skarloey and the Gravel Cars
  • Thomas' Country Show Delivery
  • Bish Bash Bosh
  • Oil and Cargo
  • Percy's Musical Ride
  • Peter Sam's Dynamite Delivery
  • Race to the Rescue
  • Sodor Bakery Delivery


Limited-edition items

Talking Engines

  • Thomas
  • Percy (discontinued)
  • James (discontinued)
  • Gordon
  • Toby
  • Emily
  • Spencer
  • Victor
  • Diesel (discontinued)
  • Salty (discontinued)
  • Diesel 10

"Lights and Sounds" engines

  • Thomas (discontinued)
  • James (discontinued)
  • Percy (discontinued)
  • Holiday Lights Thomas (discontinued)
  • James Lights the Way (discontinued)

"Roll and Whistle" engines

  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • James
  • Emily (coming soon)
  • Luke (coming soon)

Battery-powered engines


Bridges and tunnels

  • Arched stone bridge (discontinued)
  • Single stone tunnel (discontinued)
  • Tidmouth covered bridge (discontinued)
  • Rolf's Castle bridge (discontinued)
  • Double-wide old iron bridge (discontinued)
  • Lifting bridge (discontinued)
  • Sodor Bay bridge (discontinued)
  • Henry's Tunnel (discontinued)
  • Mountain tunnel (discontinued)
  • Curved viaduct (discontinued)
  • Suspension bridge (discontinued)
  • Collapsing suspension bridge (discontinued)
  • Arched viaduct (1999 two-piece re-introduction of the curved viaduct) (discontinued)
  • Drawbridge (discontinued)
  • Knapford covered bridge (discontinued)
  • Sling bridge (discontinued)
  • Quarry tunnel
  • Castle clocktower (discontinued)
  • Waterfall tunnel (discontinued)
  • Toll booth bridge (discontinued)
  • Holiday tunnel with Christmas Thomas (discontinued)
  • Suddery swing bridge
  • Rumblin bridge
  • 4 in 1 Mountain Crossing (discontinued)
  • Expansion Bridge
  • Log Tunnel
  • Snow Tunnel (coming soon)
  • Wacky Track Bridge
  • Transforming Track Bridge (coming soon)
  • Lilly Pond Bridge (coming soon)


  • Special engine shed (discontinued)
  • Elsbridge station (discontinued)
  • Elsbridge platform (discontinued)
  • Windmill (discontinued)
  • Gristmill with water wheel (discontinued)
  • Sodor Bay lighthouse (discontinued)
  • Knapford platform (discontinued)
  • Sodor log loader (discontinued)
  • "The Works" engine repair shed (discontinued)
  • Roundhouse (discontinued)
  • Sodor cargo crane (discontinued)
  • Barrel loader (discontinued)
  • Sawmill with dumping depot (discontinued)
  • Cranky
  • Transfer table (discontinued)
  • Haunted mine (discontinued)
  • Stop-and-go station (discontinued)
  • Sodor engine wash (2010-remodelled)
  • Grain loader (discontinued)
  • Coal station (discontinued)
  • Water tower (discontinued)
  • Switch tower (discontinued)
  • Fire station (discontinued)
  • Sodor dairy farm (discontinued)
  • Conductor's shed (discontinued)
  • Wellsworth station (discontinued)
  • Over-the-track signal (discontinued)
  • Airfield tower (discontinued)
  • Honey depot (discontinued)
  • Rescue hospital (with Harold and ambulance) (discontinued)
  • Service station (with Lorry 2) (discontinued)
  • Musical carousel (discontinued)
  • Chocolate factory (discontinued)
  • Brendam fishing dock (discontinued)
  • Cargo drop (discontinued)
  • Scrapyard (discontinued)
  • Tidmouth timber yard (discontinued)
  • Useful Engine Shed (discontinued)
  • Sodor oil depot (discontinued)
  • Cement works (discontinued)
  • Rolling gantry crane (discontinued)
  • Toby's Windmill
  • All Aboard station (discontinued)
  • Sodor clock tower (discontinued)
  • Captain's Shed
  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Search and Rescue Station w/ Harold
  • Repair and Go Station (discontinued)
  • Fuel Depot (with Diesel)
  • Smashing Steam Hammer (cancelled)
  • Searchlight
  • Sodor Paint Factory
  • Wood Chipper
  • Blue Mountain Mine
  • Castle Crane
  • Elevated Crossing (coming soon)
  • Brendam Bay Cargo Loader (coming soon)
  • Sodor Ironworks (coming soon)
  • Popcorn Factory

Sights and Sounds buildings

  • Cargo transfer station (discontinued)
  • Mountain overpass (discontinued)
  • Sodor "Scrub and Shine" (discontinued)
  • Smelting yard (with Oliver) (discontinued)
  • Deluxe roundhouse
  • Deluxe Cranky (discontinued)
  • Ice cream factory (with Sir Handel) (discontinued)
  • Power station (discontinued)
  • Echo tunnel (discontinued)
  • Recycling center (with Lorry 1) (discontinued)
  • Deluxe fire station (discontinued)
  • Deluxe over-the-track signal
  • Lighthouse bridge (with Bulstrode)
  • McColl's pig shed (discontinued)
  • Deluxe Knapford station
  • Deluxe railway crossing
  • Deluxe water tower (discontinued)
  • Fire Station (coming soon)
  • Maron Lights and Sounds Signal Shed (coming soon)

Track Packs

  • Straight and Curved
  • Cross and Switch (discontinued)
  • Elevated (discontinued)
  • Lumberyard (discontinued)
  • Freight Yard (discontinued)
  • Circle and Circus Set expansion pack (discontinued)
  • Figure 8 Set expansion pack
  • Up and Away
  • Beginner Roadway expansion pack (with Bertie) (discontinued)
  • Advanced Roadway expansion pack (with Trevor) (discontinued)
  • Advanced Figure 8 Set expansion pack (with Water Tower and water tanker) (discontinued)
  • Hill and Mountain (discontinued)
  • Advanced Figure 8 Set expansion pack (with Stop and Go Station)
  • Fearless Freddie expansion pack (discontinued)
  • Boulder Adventure expansion pack (discontinued)
  • 5-in-1 Track Layout pack
  • Ascending Track and Riser pack
  • Beginner's Expansion pack
  • Deluxe Track Accessory pack

Talking Railway Series

The Talking Railway Series was a range of interactive engines and playsets. The engines have special gold magnets which, when they are at a destination, will be talked to by The Fat Controller at that place. This range is discontinued.

  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Emily
  • Salty
  • Billy
  • Molly
  • Spencer
  • "Stop and Greet" Signal
  • Cranky
  • Brendam Barrel Co.
  • Farewell at the Docks Set
  • Speak and Greet Oval Set
  • Knapford Station Set


  • Pre-clickety-clack track 100 piece set (discontinued)
  • 100 piece set (discontinued)
  • Instant System 1 (discontinued)
  • Instant System 2 (discontinued)
  • Instant System 3 (discontinued)
  • Instant System 4 (discontinued)
  • Figure 8 (discontinued)
  • Circle (discontinued)
  • Percy Takes the Plunge (discontinued)
  • Roundhouse (1997 version; discontinued)
  • Thomas and Bertie's Great Race (discontinued)
  • Come Out, Henry! (discontinued)
  • A Day at the Works (discontinued)
  • Around the Barrel Loader (discontinued)
  • Circus (discontinued)
  • Mountain Tunnel (discontinued)
  • James Goes Buzz Buzz (discontinued)
  • "Stop and Go" Figure 8 (discontinued)
  • Bridge and Tunnel (discontinued)
  • Muffle Mountain (discontinued)
  • The limited edition 100 piece set Thomas And The Magic Railroad (discontinued)
  • Gold Mine Mountain (discontinued)
  • Twist and Turn Action Battery-Powered (discontinued)
  • Thomas Express "Over and Through" Battery-Powered (discontinued)
  • Sodor Airfield (discontinued)
  • Lift and Load (discontinued)
  • Conductor's Figure 8 (discontinued)
  • Roundhouse (redesign)
  • Mountain Overpass (discontinued)
  • Battery-Powered Figure 8 (discontinued)
  • Seasons on Sodor (discontinued)
  • Tidmouth Station Travel (discontinued)
  • Sodor Engine Wash (discontinued)
  • Sodor Rescue Team (discontinued)
  • Boulder Mountain (discontinued)
  • Oval
  • Water Tower Figure 8
  • Harold's Mail Delivery (discontinued)
  • Deluxe "Sights and Sounds" (discontinued)
  • 60th Anniversary (discontinued)
  • Aquarium (discontinued)
  • Storm on Sodor (discontinued)
  • Rheneas and the Roller Coaster (discontinued)
  • Sodor Quarry Mine Tunnel (discontinued)
  • Battery-Powered Sir Topham Hatt Figure 8
  • Bridge and Crane Figure 8
  • Jeremy and the Airfield (discontinued)
  • Start your Engines! (discontinued)
  • Pirate's Cove (discontinued)
  • A Day at the Wharf
  • Seasonal Mail (discontinued)
  • Spiral Mountain
  • A Busy Day at the Quarry
  • Transfer Yard Set (discontinued)
  • Spiral Mountain Play
  • Farm House Rescue
  • Up and Around Sodor
  • Steaming Around Sodor Battery-Powered set
  • Cargo and Crane Figure 8
  • Thomas and Belle to the Rescue
  • Steamies vs Diesels (Toys-R-Us exclusive)
  • Adventures of the Mine (coming soon)
  • King of the Castle set (coming soon)
  • Brendam Bay Shipping Co. (coming soon)
  • Percy and the Mail Depot (coming soon)
  • Sodor Mining
  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad 100 piece set
  • The Trouble with Trees set
  • Percy and Harold's Rescue
  • Engineer's Sling Bridge 54 piece set
  • Thomas and Toby
  • Gold Mine
  • Stories of Sodor
  • Sodor Wash and Works (with 2005 Yearbook)
  • A Day at the Big Top
  • Knapford Bridge Figure 8
  • Thomas and Percy's Adventure
  • Crane and Quarry
  • Thomas-saurus Rex
  • Thomas at the Zoo
  • Thomas & Percy
  • Thomas & Rosie
  • A Race to the Wharf
  • Coal Hopper Figure 8
  • Cranky the Crane
  • Toby's Windmill Story Pack
  • Henry and the Elephant
  • Really Useful Work
  • A Day at the Works
  • Sodor Bay Bridge Figure 8
  • Farmhouse Pig Parade
  • Mountaintop Supply Run
  • Tidmouth Timber Company
  • James' Fishy Delivery
  • Lumber Yard Waterfall Adventure (coming soon)
  • Thomas' Fossil Run (coming soon)
  • Up and Around Sodor Adventure Tower (coming soon)
  • Mix and Match Set (coming soon)

Early Engineers



The Early Engineers brand is a compatible extension of the Wooden Railway range.


  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Salty
  • Spencer


  • Busy Day on Sodor
  • Roundabout Station
  • Rock and Roll Quarry



Volume VII Note: Tiger Moth's propeller differs from the production model, suggesting the one seen here was a prototype


From the introduction of the Wooden Railway system, Learning Curve (now RC2), have made yearbooks to feature their items. The items would be standard "mugshots" for engines and cars, while sets would be shown overall. The cover would also occasionally feature the new items on it with Thomas usually being in the foreground.


  • The tender engines originally had their coal painted on their tenders, but they now have molded plastic coal.
  • The prototype for Skarloey used Percy's face.
  • The new Rheneas models have white wheels. 
  • Underneath Duke's tender it reads "Coal Car" instead of "Duke's Tender".
  • The original Bill and Ben prototypes used James' face.
  • Salty's prototype had eight wheels.
  • Trevor's wheels are black instead of red.
  • Oliver's original model had black wheels.
  • The prototype Stepney and Oliver used Thomas' face.
  • Some discontinued items are bundled with US DVDs and VHSs.
  • Flying Scotsman's reintroduced model features the British Railways logo with "Mainland Railway" printed beneath.
  • Flying Scotsman's reintroduced model's box features the tenders and text in the wrong positions.
  • Bertram's mode in the  Wooden Railway range is based off the original prototype he was going to be in season 5 and not a learning curve original.
  • Duck's original model had no funnel, and his reintroduced model's prototype has a green one. His production model, however, has been given the correct black one.
  • A few models do not have black chassis.
  • The first editions of Bill and Ben featured sticker detail like the 1992 Toby.

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